A simple recipe that takes just a few minutes for a very tasty Oothapam. I usually make these on 3rd or 4th day after grinding rice batter. Batter is more fermented and this gives it added taste.

Carrot Uthappam  Oothappam (1)

You can prepare this with wheat dosa as well. I like the mini versions so I made it small, you can make them medium size if you want.

Carrot Uthappam  Oothappam

Get the rice batter recipe from here.

Carrot Uthappam / Oothappam
Recipe type: Main
  • Rice batter - ½ gallon
  • Carrot - 2 nos
  • Coriander Leaves - 1 hand full (chopped)
  • Green Chili - 5-6 nos
  • Oil - as needed
  1. Peel Carrot Skin and grate it. Chop coriander leaves. Chop green chilies round.
  1. Heat dosa pan until it's ready in medium flame. Pour 1 ladle full of batter in the dosa pan only until it makes mini uthappam, do not spread it.
  2. Sprinkle some of the grated carrots, chopped coriander leaves and green chili. Pour a spoon full of oil on top this.
  3. When the first side is cooked, flip the sides and cook the other side until done.

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