I‘m Sashi, a software engineer and a foodie. I hail from Erode, Tamilnadu, India. I live in the US now.

This website is my personal blog to share every day cooking to friends and family. I am trying to add a lot of different recipes but focus mainly on Authentic Kongunadu Recipes.

The recipes are collected from my Mom, Granny, Mother-in-law, Friends and different source.

Little to talk about me, like most I was day scholar till my college days and used to take mom’s packed lunch. In all that while, I have cooked only a couple of times at home before I graduated. Why bother during weekends, get up late and ask for a cup of coffee at noon, have brunch at 1.30 or 2.00 PM and stayed away from cooking till I completed my studies.

Everyone has different inspirations, when I started to work away from home I realized how much I missed my Mom’s food even though I was eating a lot of variety foods and there it began. Very true everyone really miss their Mom’s homemade food when we are out of home. We complain a lot when we eat at home, being away changed that, these days I ask my mom to tell the delicious recipe she used to make.

After marriage, I started exploring more to impress my husband. He enjoys and encourages me for trying out different varieties. Good or bad, his feedback helps me improvise better. I am passionate about eating tasty food and it spiked my cooking interest.

I care a lot about the quality, taste and am also health conscious. I try to avoid some stuff like MSG (Ajinomoto), readymade mixes which contains more sodium. Either I substitute or just ignore them, yet try my best to make it tasty. All the recipes in this site are tried and tested recipes. I have modified and improved it over time. I love making it spicier so adjust the spice levels according to your taste buds.

Cooking is an art, involve yourself and you would see miracles in your kitchen. Take pride in your kitchen, won’t you love your family or friends loving your food. Serve the tasty food and stay in everyone’s heart. Not everyone makes anything perfect at the first time, right measurement and the patience makes the recipe perfect, so keep on trying.

Please let me know the feedback about the recipes, your encouragement is what keeps me moving and adding more tasty recipes. They make me happy and allow me to perfect my recipes. I am very much excited to read each individual comment and sometimes even wonder if it is me they are talking about, please keep them coming. Try out my recipes and let me know how it worked out for you. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions or queries.

Have a great time!!! Happy browsing!!!

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