Once again a change in my blog template with mild gray and white with a pinch of orange!!

New Look :

Old Look :

I have been getting a lot of queries from my blogger friends on navigating my old template, especially locating my latest post. I guess my previous template required a lot of getting used to. Though it was a premium template and I’ve done a lot of customization on it to look better, the layout was not user friendly. Even though I liked it a lot, I have to give up now.

I have decided to take action and am moving to this new layout, which easily emphasis the latest post along with some new additions.

It wasn’t said without purpose that pictures speak a thousand words, and this I feel is important in a food blog. So my new layout has a white, mild background and highlights the food pictures. That’s my thought, I’ll need your comments on it to get your perspective.

So friends, please leave ur feedback and suggestion. Thanks guys for all your valuable feedback. Have a good day !!