Goddess Lakshmi Tanjore Painting teak wood fiber lightweight glass

Warli Painting

Warli Painting

Coffee Painting (Painting with Coffee Powder)

Painting with Coffee Powder in different Shades.


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  • Parimala

    Plz suggest the thickness or guage of metal sheet for embossing for art work

  • I really love tanjore painting here in this blog.

  • sindhu

    I am vry much interested in paintings…especially metal embossing…. but i do not get anti rust paint in chennai…can u guide me where i can get the paint in chennai ir erode…

  • seeni karuppasamy.K

    Image better than thousand words…..so it is give some happy feel..really wonder and appreciate you that reason is the Tanjore art ancient but you and also like same.

  • beautiful paintings sir, but I want to know all paintings made on glasses, specially metal emboss painting which material & color you used here. please give reply

  • isvarya

    i like to come to your class .. im staying near erode.. please send me the contact address to my mail id.

  • Gaayatrie

    hi shashi. i have done a coffee painting. i tried it for the frst tym some how it came out Okkk.. i have a doubt can we do a glass framing or a fiber framing for the coffee painting? does that work out? coz glass frame has its own beauty and attraction??can u plz tel me this?

  • yasodha


    ur works r fantastic & wonderful. iam coimbatore and iam greatly interested in arts.soon i will contact u 4 learning some of tis works.


  • priya

    i’m interested in learning tanjore painting..i’m in erode where is the classes for tanjore painting is conducted in erode can i get the contact no of that person

  • muneeswaran

    wher i get emboss painting materials

  • muneeswaran

    i am from rameswaram..i willing to learn emboss painting pls help.cal dis no 8675971625

  • Kalpanaa

    Hi Sashi,

    I am very much interested in paintings and recently only i have gone through the arts section in your site. I want to learn Coffee Painting and Modern Art. So please let me know the details, if it is fine, if call her and ask for details. Please help me in this regard. Thanks Sashi!

  • sakthi

    i want the details about fees for glass painting and also i need your address. i wish to join your class.

  • rashmi

    hi guy’s excellent work,i was keen on fabric painting does u r sister teaches fabric painting also
    reply yaar so i can proceed to join

    • Sashi

      Rashmi, She doesnt take classes on Fabric painting. Please contact in the number given to get more details.

  • madhu

    Hi, I am from Erode… trying to contact your sister to join her classes… but i could not reach her…is there an alternate number.

    • shilpa

      unable to contact her.. i m in erode only for 1 month.. want to use that month learning tanjore painting..
      please send some alternate number or her address… thanks

  • Saranya

    HI Sashi .., will your sistee took classes on sunday too …

  • R Sankari

    Keeping others happy s God’s gift with ur
    paintings what a beautiful paintings.
    If u don’t mind why don’t u try Budha with
    coffee and you send me price details through mail b’coz if i want 2 buy so i can call and talk .I am also a craft mural works maker.
    All the best.

  • Sindhuja

    Hey the paintings are very beautiful and super… i want to join the class.. but i am not able to contact ur sister in that mobile no..
    any other alternate no please let me know…

  • Hi Sashi..
    where are the classes? is it in the US?
    Pls let me know.Im very much interested in tryng my hand on metal embossing..

    very nice n captivating work.


  • Hi,

    Very beautiful paintings. Very talented. I have a small request. Could you please send me the tracing design of that marriage possession (in the metal embossing picture). I’m searching for that design since months in the internet but unable to find it. I’m currently not located in India.Kindly send me that design please.


    • Sashi

      Thanks for ur lovely comment Rupa, I will convey it to my sister. Unfortunately, we wont share it with anyone unless u take the course. Sorry abt that, I have no control on it.

      • Im just asking the tracing design for that.. Please help me.. I have asked many but did not get it from anywhere.. Atleast tell me any other sites from where i can get that design.Im presently in US so unfortunately i cant join the classes.. Kindly send me the design.

        • Sashi

          Rupa, I understand that. I too live in US, I don’t have the trace with me and I don’t paint too. My sister who lives in India is the one who manages these. Sorry I don’t have control on her dealings. I have no idea if you can get it from any other websites. Don’t get me wrong, sorry I couldn’t help you.

        • geetha

          Hi Rupa,

          When browsing craft site i came across your request about marriage procession on metal embossing in this blog and reply from blogs owner. As i also very much instrested in crafts i want to help with designs. If u post ur email Id for this reply.


  • namita

    which kind of shop, we get this golden anti rust liquid for metal emboss?

  • bhuvaneswari

    hi sasi……am interested in learning abt arts…………..s ur sister taking classes now also???

    • Sashi

      Bhuvaneshwari, my sister is still taking the class. Contact her in the phone no. given to know about the timings.

  • Chavi

    Chandana……does your sister take classes between 5:30 to 7.00 P.M on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.

    • Sashi

      Chavi, she takes class from 10 AM – 6 PM on Mon – Sat. Contact her in mobile to get more details.

  • ishvarya


    ur works r fantastic & captivating. iam 4m tirupur and iam greatly interested in arts.soon i will contact u 4 learning some of tis works.



    • Sashi

      Thanks Ishvarya. My sister is starting the classes now, if you are interested contact@ 9042101130 for more details.

  • chandana

    Lovely work akka,The other paintings look good except for the tanjore.I mean,I wouldn’t say it is not nice,but the face kind of lacks any attraction (thamizha yeerpu).

    • Sashi

      Thanks for ur lovely comments Chandana. The tanjore painting outline was done by an artist, probably when she tries for the next time I will ask her to take this into consideration.

  • sheba

    lovely work..I too do some tanjore painting..i absolutely love that art form..

  • Jayapal Chandran

    வணக்கமுங் அம்முநியோவ்,
    நானும் என் ப்ரெண்டும் உங்களைய ஆறுகடுல (ORKUT) பாதொமுங்கோ … அடே டே ஈரோடுன்னோடனே ஒரே சின்ன சண்டோசமுங்கோ. நம்மூரு அக்கா. ஆனா போட்டா வெல்லாம் எனனதுககுங்கோ அம்முனி ஆறு கட்டுல போட்டுகுட்டு … எனிவேங்க அம்முனி …

    நல்லா இருக்குது வரஞ்சது … அப்பறம் ரொம்ப அலட்டிக்காம அழகா டிப்ஸ் குடுதுரிகிரீங்கோ . நல்ல விஷயம் . (you way of romanized form is good so that people of ours would understand and more than that it would make it feel native) (ida yeppadingo tamila adikaradhu…)…

    romba neeram tamila type panna mudiyala.

    finally, do you have recipies for bachelors. I could use only one of my own and still couldnt make a good taste. I havent browsed your site (just few pages)… may be if you could post that would be nice… i hope that many people would browse for recipies… myself… seldom.

    people like you are out there… thats nice… we would be every where (future tense)… (regardless of the janathogai)… huh huh huh….


    • Sashi

      Vikku, Thanks. BTW, I never thought of putting a separate section for Bachelors. But I do have recipes for you guys.Sure, I will keep this in mind hereafter.

  • Dinesh


    Nice paintings ya. Both of you have gud skills..

    Gud advertising place too… :-)

    All the best..!!

    • Sashi

      Thanks Dinesh Anna. Thats the all support and encouragement i can provide from my side. :)

      • bhuvaneswari

        hi sashi……. i finished my ug in fashion designing…..and i am much interested to learn abt arts…..and crafts…


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